A short film about Cacao, shot in Belize


Enjoy a private audience with Jimmy ‘Chiozo’ Andersen, one of Malawi’s most talented Reggae, Rock and Roll, and Blues artists. He is currently in the process of walking from Cape Town to Cairo, with nothing but his guitar and a change of clothes. He intends to educate all of those he meets along the road, in particular about the importance of water.


Music Crossroads International is a non-profit organisation using the power of music education, professional training, live performances and promotion of young talents to support the development of the music sector and education in the culturally rich Southern African region. Along with help from Peace Corps volunteers in the country, they organised a week of music workshops for kids in Malawi who had a passion for music but no way of developing their skills. This is a short film I made, documenting just one of these days.


A short film looking at the many different types of physical and mental disabilities people face in the rural area in Malawi where The Landirani Trust operates. Similarly, it looks at what the Trust is actively doing to improve their situation, through medical referrals and education.


This film covers footage taken from my time in China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Sumatra in 2012


James and Jade’s Wedding, Wetlands Centre, 2012


Here is a film I made at the Korakor’s first camp in September 2014 in Trevien, France. We spent 10 beautiful days together, studying permaculture theory and putting it into practice, we also had a whole heap of fun along the way. Please check out for more info on their inspirational projects and general love spreading ideas


A short film about the work that New Leaf Educational Gardens does, in particular this film documents their pioneering work, turning West Dulwich train station into the only botanical garden at a train station in the world.


This is a short film I made with Jade at House of Hounds Hackney, a beautiful spot in Hackney for East London’s luckiest dogs!


Wendy’s Yurts make beautifully hand-crafted yurts just south of Edinburgh, Scotland. I went on a short yurt building course with them recently and made this short film whilst I was there. Enjoy


A short film showing one of our Feeding Centres in action. We provide a nutritious porridge 5 mornings a week to the under 5’s in our area, which feeds over 1000 children in total.


This is a promotional film for Aid Camps International, an organisation working within rural communities in developing countries. They take a group of volunteers out for several weeks where they help to complete a hands on building project alongside the community


A short film looking at the process of coffee picking and de-shelling on a small hill-side farm on the beautiful island of Samosir, in Lake Toba, Sumatra.


Noodles from around the world


Anders and Tone’s Wedding, Richmond Park, 2012


The Landirani Trust Promotional film


A look at the medical issues faced in a rural community in Malawi


Kieran and Charlotte’s Wedding, Box Hill, 2012


A short piece on Merlin’s crumble, testing out my new equipment


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